House located in the heart of the Catalan pre-Pyrenees mountains, surrounded by oak and pine trees. The region has an array of Romanesque sites including numerous sanctuaries that served as a place of worship for the many country homes scattered throughout the area.

The stones of the home are reminiscent of the old quarters of the Cal Metge country estate. In the middle of a wooded area there is a clearing which in the past contained the orchard and is now the site of the current building next to the River Rialb.

The house is in the middle of nature, thus allowing guests to enjoy the surrounding tranquillity and silence. It is an ideal location to relax and listen to the babble of the river.

The waters of the River Rialb loosen the tiny particles of limestone and turn the water whitish in colour, thus giving the municipality where we are its name (La Baronia de Rialb). The municipality, which is within the region called La Noguera, is comprised of small villages and country estates around the Rialb Reservoir.

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